Tips for moving home

Boxes everywhere, no place to sleep, extremely stressed, and completely exhausted – that’s what moving your home is all about. However, with the right preparation, you can make moving homes painless!

Here are some top tips you should take note of to seamlessly re-locate:

Label it All

Rather than putting everything in a box without any sorting mechanism, try and create proper labeling and inventory system. Have separate colored markers to mark each box.
When the boxes are placed in the new house, you will already know where each box goes allowing for lesser confusion and lesser clutter when you begin unpacking.

Give Your Back a Rest

Many people consider moving homes to be a DIY job, from packing to transporting and unloading. But, it really isn’t.
While you may hire a cargo truck to transport your belongings and think you can unload the furniture and luggage and set it – your back may not comply.
Unfortunately, when you carry heavy boxes and equipment, you take the risk of seriously harming your back. Conversely, professional movers are trained at lifting heavy weights and know how to complete the load and unload – seamlessly.

Use Minimalism Principles & Declutter!

Minimalist thinking ensures that you only keep what you absolutely need and get rid of everything else.
Something that you haven’t ever made use of but think you may in the future (but sort of know you won’t) – give it away.
A way of decluttering, applying minimalistic principles when making the shift is bound to make the move easier.

Pack Early

When moving homes, leaving it all for the eleventh hour is never a good choice.
Not only is there way too much pressure to allow organizing at the end, but the frantic movement may also result in you leaving a few things behind, or worse, accidentally getting rid of things you don’t want to.
Instead, as soon as you find your new home, begin packing up – slow and steady wins the race.


If you wish to make moving homes an easy procedure, then hire professional movers such as Painless Removals.
With our expertise and experience, you will be surprised at how easy and Painless moving homes can be.

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