Tips for Lifting the Heavy Stuff in your Home

Although Painless Removals aim to keep the big move as ‘painless’ as possible with the heavy lifting, sometimes you may find you need to shift things around after the removal team are gone, or indeed, before they arrive. When lifting and carrying large items around, it’s worth knowing these tips to prevent any accidents or injuries. Back injuries and other muscle injuries are extremely common when you do not take proper care with the heavy lifting of objects.

Lifting Pain
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Always warm-up beforehand.

Before you start lifting heavy items around the house, you should make sure you warm-up, focusing on warming up your back, shoulders, knees, legs, and arms. You could follow many warm-ups online, but making sure you find something that can easily stretch out all of these critical areas is very important. Do that, and you can severely reduce the risk of injuring yourself when lifting a heavy object.

Stop bending over the item.

One of the most common mistakes when lifting heavy items is to bend over too much. Lifting with your back could result in putting your muscles out of place, getting stretched, or even snapping fully. With that in mind, make sure you stop lifting with your back. Lifting with your knees, with a straight back, is essential. If you don’t feel you have the strength for this, see the last tip.

Keep the object below your shoulders.

It might seem like a good idea to lift the object to shoulder height or beyond. You might feel like you have more leverage or that you can see better when you do this. However, this often puts a considerable amount of stress on your back and your shoulders, and it is simply asking for physical pain and injury.

So, make sure that you keep raising below your shoulders if you are lifting something heavy.

Always look forward, never below.

Good posture is essential to lifting heavy objects. Therefore, you should make sure that your posture is near-perfect when moving such an object. Do not bend your back, and keep your chest upright and straight as you lift. Look forward towards your destination, never down towards the object you are lifting. Make sure your waist is straight and that the object is kept as close to your tightly-held posture as you can. This minimises the risk of injury significantly.

Don’t be proud – call for help.

Are you worried that you might be getting beyond your station? Then call in help. Ask a friend, family member, or neighbour to give you help lifting the object. They can come in, move the object for you, and make sure you (and your friends/family) aren’t out for the week with a back injury! However, if you worry that you might not lift it properly even with help, you should consider hiring a moving specialist.

Keep these tips in mind, and you can soon find that lifting heavy is nowhere near as daunting as you thought. However, as mentioned above, if you feel like you are worried about injury to yourself or others, then call in professionals; they are there for a reason.

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