Tips for a stress-free office relocation

If you are thinking or planning on relocating your office, the question of keeping it stress-free may well resonate.

Here are our tips for your business removal action plan.

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  • Plan a complete office relocation plan well in advance. Make a list of things that need to be dealt with, along with a layout plan of the new office and where furniture, desks, cabling will go. This will bring a lot of clarity to the company’s owners, managers, and staff. The plan also helps the professional removals team facilitate the moving process as smoothly as possible.
  • Be as transparent as you can with our professional team about your needs and requirements. We should also be informed of the new office size, entrances and access, parking and anything else that might cause issues. We can help assess this on your initial quote.
  • If possible, assign a special team to work on the office relocation plan efficiently.
  • Starting the relocation process early is the key. The less you procrastinate, the sooner you will achieve a smooth relocation process.
  • Coordinate with a legal advisor to help with lease agreements and processes on the new offices.
  • Start archiving old data and records so you do not have to physically shift a considerable amount of clutter in the new office. There’s also the matter of broadband and computer network installation. Larger companies will have IT departments that deal with this; otherwise, you may need to consult your internet provider.
  • The owners and top management should communicate the news to employees as soon as possible. It will give them time to digest the information and also make sense about whether they can manage to work in the new location or not.
  • You can also involve employees in the relocation plan and ask them for feedback. They will provide more tips for better functioning in this process. It will make the employee feel involved and valued, and they will support the company wholeheartedly.
  • Pack your items with clear labels according to priority and importance and where they should go. Our team offer an excellent packing service for office removals that takes the pressure off.

Please take a look at our commercial office removals covering Bristol, Bath and across the UK or contact us for a quote.

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