Save money on your house move

When you are moving home, you might think that all you need to commit is plenty of time. And while time and human resources are precious commodities when moving house, it is not all you need. Often, the cost of moving home can be a big surprise – and not in a good way. To help you save money when moving, we have put together a list of practical tips to make your move more affordable. So, where should you start when you want to spend a little less during your move?

Always compare fees

When you are using someone to manage the removal of household items, you should always look to compare companies. Do not just pick the first company you see; look at the options, compare them closely, and determine who can and cannot do the job to the standard that you are expecting. Comparing the fees is essential, with many local moving companies available to choose from. Also, ensure they are registered with the Move Assured or the British Association of Removers for added confidence.

Look for free stuff.

One of the best ways to get your new home looking grand without having to spend a pretty penny is to check out Freecycle. This online platform is for people who no longer need items and appliances but want to avoid dumping or selling them.

These kind-hearted souls will instead give out free stuff, meaning that you can easily pick up some awesome freebies without having to pay.

Join the Cheap Energy Club

One of the most extensive living costs for a typical person involves their energy costs. Well, we know the best way to save some money on energy bills: join the Cheap Energy Club.

This is a fantastic way to make sure you can get some excellent cashback for switching to a quality local tariff. Also, be sure to get a reading of your meters when you move in – the sooner you do this, the sooner you know you are being billed for your usage and your usage alone.

There are many ways to cut living costs, and having a cheaper boiler is an excellent way to do so. You should look to get things like boiler cover and appliance cover through a comparison site, as the proper selection can save you hundreds, if not more, in boiler and other appliance covers.

Get free insulation

A straightforward way to help keep the costs down when moving house is to invest in free insulation. Information on free insulation is available from the Simple Energy Advice group, Nest, or Home Energy Scotland, depending on where you are in the UK. This can help you to get your hands on quality insulation for as little as £0!

Check your council tax band.

A common mistake for new homeowners is not checking their council tax band. You could be in the wrong band and may have been for many years. You can get your band lowered and even get a backdated payout back for the excess you were paying. Find out what band your neighbours are on, and then you might find you are paying out more than you need to.

Make use of a spare room.

Got a spare room that you know is going to become a storage room and nothing else? Then rent it out. The Rent A Room scheme allows you to bring in a steady, tax-free exemption that could see you taking in as much as £7,500 per year without paying any tax. That is a massive tax break and could be just what you are looking for to help save money and get a few more quid in your back pocket. Just make sure you can trust the person you are renting out to.

Saving money when moving home can be a surprising challenge, but the above tips can make a complex situation much easier for you to move forward. Best of luck, and happy moving! 

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