Our Ultimate Guide to Moving House During the Summer in the UK

Moving house is an exciting yet challenging time that often comes with a myriad of emotions and stresses. While there’s never an ideal time to move, and people move all year round, the summer months in the UK offer certain advantages that make it a popular season for moving home.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of moving during the summer months and provide you with essential tips to ensure a smooth and successful transition to your new home.

Enjoy Favourable Weather:

One of the primary advantages of moving house during the summer in the UK is the better weather and increased hours of daylight. This means you’ll have more daylight to work with and fewer concerns about the weather impacting your moving plans. This makes it easier to organize and execute the logistics of your move, allowing you to fully focus on the task at hand. However, it’s good to keep in mind being prepared for a heat wave as well. So plenty of sunscreen, water and sunhats on hand!

Greater Availability of Moving Services:

Summer is traditionally a busy period for the housing market, which means there is typically a higher availability of moving services. Removal companies, van rentals, and storage facilities tend to prepare in advance for the summer months to ensure they can meet demand. However, this does make it essential to book these services well in advance to secure your desired dates and avoid any last-minute complications.

Seamless Transition for Families and Students:

Summer is an ideal time for families to move, especially if you have school-age children. Moving during the summer break minimizes disruption to your kids’ education and allows them to settle into their new surroundings before the start of the academic year. Likewise, for university students, moving during the summer provides an opportunity to relocate without the added stress of exams or coursework.

There is an abundance of Car Boot Sales and Flea Markets:

Stay with us… the summer months are synonymous with, summer fairs, car boot sales, and flea markets. These events provide the perfect opportunity to declutter and sell unwanted items before your move. Not only can you reduce your moving load, but you can also earn some extra money to offset the moving expenses. Once you have moved into your new home, attending local flea markets and events can be an exciting way to explore your new neighbourhood, get to know your community and find items to decorate your new home.

Embrace the Community Spirit:

Another benefit of moving during the summer is all the fetes, festivals and summer events. This time allows you to quickly immerse yourself in the local community, attend gatherings, and get to know your new neighbours. Participating in summer festivals, concerts, or even a friendly game of cricket in the park can help you establish connections and feel more at home in your new community.

Here are some tips for a Smooth Summer Move:

a. Plan Ahead: Start planning your move well in advance to ensure a seamless transition. Create a moving checklist, determine your budget, and book moving services as early as possible.

b. Stay Hydrated and protected: Moving during the summer means dealing with hotter temperatures. Stay hydrated by having water bottles readily available for yourself and the moving crew. Ensure you have sunscreen and your sun hat to hand and take regular breaks in the shade.

c. Protect Your Belongings: Heat-sensitive items like electronics, plants, and perishable goods can be adversely affected during a summer move. Take precautions to protect these items by keeping them in temperature-controlled environments or transporting them yourself if necessary.

d. Label and Organize: Clearly label boxes to make unpacking easier. Keep essential items like toiletries, bedding, and kitchen supplies in separate, easily accessible boxes.

e. Notify Utilities and Services: Contact your utility companies, internet service providers, and other essential services to arrange the transfer or cancellation of services for your old address and activation for your new home.

f. Take Advantage of Natural Light: Utilize the longer daylight hours to your advantage by scheduling your move earlier in the day. This gives you more time to settle into your new home and tackle any unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Moving house during the summer in the UK offers numerous benefits, but it does tend to get busy. If you are planning a summer move then get in touch now to pencil in your expected moving date – don’t worry if it changes, we try and accommodate by being as flexible as we can. 

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