Hot Summer Moving Tips

Summer Moving Tips

As The Beatles once sang, ‘Here Comes the Sun’. As a second heatwave of 2022 hits the UK we take a look at tips for moving home in the summer. At the time of writing we’re moving into mid 20s on the centigrade scale and it’s going up.

If you’re moving house during the scorcher, here’s how to stay cool and calm and stress free during the move.

Prepare your summer move early

If you’re still in the planning stages but have a move coming up, start planning now and get removal quotes as soon as you can. Removal companies book up fast during the summer months as it’s the most popular time of the year to move. You might also avoid high prices by getting a booking in the calendar well ahead of your moving date.

Lastly, while it’s impossible to know what the weather will be like on your moving day (This is Britain after all) factor in the possibility of freak hot weather.

Stay clear of moving on Fridays or the Weekend

This might be tricky as there’s benefits of moving on a Friday, such as having the weekend to get unpacked and settled in. But for those very reasons, they are the busiest for removal companies, solicitors and estate agents. There’s also the possibility of more transactional issues and paperwork.

Plan for Frozen Food

If you have a lot of frozen food to take, consider getting cool boxes with ice packs to keep it in. If possible, you may want to take separate transport to the new home and take the frozen food with you then, along with precious items and a moving pack. You’ll need a freezer in place at the other end so this might take a bit of co-ordinated planning.

Best bet is to use up as much frozen food as you can before the move.

Stay Hydrated

An obvious tip, but many people forget to keep well hydrated in hot weather, especially when you might be exerting yourself.

Keeping Kids and Pets Entertained

Firstly, make a plan for children on moving day. Are their relatives of friends who could help out or babysit? You’ll want to keep them entertained and away from the busy removal team. Consider allotting a shaded area in the garden for them to play in, or clear a room and have a pack for them with toys, drawing materials, snacks and drinks to keep them happy.

The welfare of Pets are another consideration, especially during a heat wave. You’ll need to make sure they have access to plenty of water and a cool shade at all times. Take a look at our other posts on Moving home with pet cats and dogs.

Pack a change of clothes

After a hot, sweaty day of removals the last thing you’ll want to do is root around for a change of clothes at the end of the day. Keep a small bag handy for you and family members along with your sleeping garments and a wash bag.

Healthy Snacks at the Ready

With all the packing, moving boxes and cleaning on moving day, you’ll need high energy snacks on hand. Good energy foods include bananas, nuts, and wholegrain bread. Add in some fruit to keep refreshed and pack a lunch for all the family. Sugary snacks will just result in an energy slump later, so keep it healthy.

If you are moving this summer, Painless Removals are here to help. We offer services such as house packing, so you don’t have to, and of course Home Removals and Office Removals in Bristol, Bath, and the surrounding areas.

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