Home Packing Tips: How to Pack for Your House Move

House Packing Tips

Moving houses could be a stressful experience. Sometimes it takes away all the excitement of relocating to a new place. Having to deal with the packing and removals of your belongings is a chore you most definitely are not looking forward to. It requires lots of time and energy and you still have to work fast enough to finish up before the movers arrive. What’s more? You must make sure you don’t forget anything or mix things up.

We know that feeling and that is why we have compiled a few tips to make moving houses an easier experience for you. It’s not going to take away the rigors or packing and unpacking, but it’s definitely going to make the experience easier for you.

Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

The very first step before moving houses is decluttering. Sorting out your property and separating the things you need from the things you don’t could save you not only the extra cost of moving unwanted items but the stress of packing. Letting go of the things that are irrelevant or not needed in the house you’re moving to will make your job of packing and moving much easier.

Label Every Box

When packing items into boxes for removal, make sure you pack them separately depending on what they are. For instance, you can label the boxes thus, ‘appliances’, ’clothes’, ’utensils’, etc. Also, ensure to label each box and put a ‘fragile’ tag on boxes that contain fragile items. You can use clear bags to pack some essential items that you may need at any moment, like chargers, toothbrushes, purses, etc. This not only makes it easy for the movers to know how to carry and pack each box, but it also makes unpacking easier for you when you get to the new house.

Pack Room by Room

This will make your packing more thorough and reduce chances of forgetting anything. Endeavor to complete packing items in a room before proceeding to another. Keep all boxes open until you have completely packed every item from every room and conducted a check to be double sure.

Pack Early

Packing early is very important and saves you lots of stress when the movers finally come. You can start by packing items you may not need to use days before the removal company comes. By doing this, when the moving day comes, you would have already have done some packing and the rest will be easier.

Use the Right Box for Each Item

A very important tip to note when packing is making sure you use the right box to pack a particular item. While the box you use in packing toys and clothes may be lighter, you will need a harder box to pack glassware and ceramics for example. Also endeavor not to pack heavy or fragile items in big boxes as they have a higher tendency of breaking or being harder to carry.

Final Word

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These few tips are sure to make your moving less stressful next time you want to move houses. If you require removals UK services for a professional and experienced removal service, kindly contact us today to book a date for your moving.

At Painless Removals south west UK, we live up to our name and guarantee to make moving houses truly a painless experience for you.

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