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Painless Removals guide to Moving Home During the Summer Holidays 

With the end of the school term only a few weeks away, and the long summer holidays in front of us, moving home at this time of year is a popular choice for many families. It’s a natural end and beginning and doesn’t disrupt school life, plus you have time on your hands to pack, […]

Smooth Moves: The Benefits and Tips for Hiring a Van from Bristol Car and Van Hire for Your House Move

Are you gearing up for a house move in Bristol? Whether you’re moving locally or across the city, one of the most crucial aspects of a successful move is reliable and affordable transportation. That’s where we can help! We’ve partnered with Bristol Car and Van Hire, so we can also point those of you who […]

Navigating the Uncertainty and Stress of Moving: What Makes Painless Removals Different?

Moving home or office can often feel like navigating a labyrinth of uncertainty and stress. From the stress of house hunting and purchasing, to the relentless packing and the worry about whether everything will go ok on the day, there seems to be an endless list of to-do’s and concerns that can keep you up […]

Leaving Your House Clean When You Move Out: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving day can be hectic and stressful, with a myriad of tasks to complete before you hand over the keys to the next occupants. There is normally a time constraint and – rushing to get all your belongings into the moving van and into your new home. One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked in […]

Making Moving Day Painless with Your Moving Day Survival Kit

Whether you are moving away from home for the first time, moving your family into your dream home, or downsizing because your kids have moved out – moving day is a significant event in your life. Despite this, it often comes with a fair share of chaos and stress. From packing boxes to handling all […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving House

Moving to a new home can be everything from exciting to stressful – as can the process involved. From packing up your belongings to settling into a new neighbourhood or city, there are many aspects to consider.  We’ve been moving households since 1978 and we’ve learnt a few things along the way. So to help […]

Making Moving Painless: A Guide to Planning Your 2024 Relocation

As the new year approaches, many individuals, families and businesses will be contemplating making significant changes, and for some, that means relocating and planning a move to a new home or workspace.  Moving can be a daunting task, whether it’s your home, office or workshop. At Painless Removals we understand the complexities and challenges involved […]
Moving van outside of house

Navigating Moving House in the Winter Months

We know the summer is a popular, and in many ways preferred time of year to move for families in the UK. But plenty of you still move in the winter. As the darkness, wind, rain and frost set in, the idea of moving house might seem unpleasant, but fear not! With a bit of […]
Moving van being packed

How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move: Advice from a removals company

Moving home is an exciting yet challenging experience, especially so when it involves a long-distance move.  Whether you’re relocating for a new job, pursuing educational opportunities, moving closer to family, or simply seeking a change of scenery, proper planning and organization are key to ensuring a smooth transition.  In this blog, we, as a trusted […]

Moving Home: 10 Tips for Stress-Free Packing

The autumn always sees a spike in people moving home. Many wait for the summer rush to be over and plan their move to be in their new home by Christmas.  A new school term, and the build up to Christmas can be a busy time, so packing up your home to move can be […]
students unpacking

Preparing for University: Moving Tips for Students 

Moving away from home for the first time for university is a big occasion in a young person’s life. The excitement, anticipation, and a bit of anxiety are all part of the experience – for the young person and parents alike.  However, before you dive headfirst into your academic journey, there’s one major task you […]

How to move house safely!

Our Expert Tips for Carrying Furniture and Heavy Boxes Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure, but it often comes with the daunting task of safely transporting your furniture and heavy boxes.  Moving day can be stressful and when we are rushing around, giving our attention to a myriad of issues, and […]

A Removals Company Top Tips on Dismantling and Transporting Furniture When Moving Home 

You got it in… so you must be able to get it out – right? We hear this so much! Well, as the law of moving suggests – if it got in your house, it must get out! Yet a lot of your furniture may have once started life as a build-it-yourself item so may […]
Man unpacking moving vans

Our Ultimate Guide to Moving House During the Summer in the UK

Moving house is an exciting yet challenging time that often comes with a myriad of emotions and stresses. While there’s never an ideal time to move, and people move all year round, the summer months in the UK offer certain advantages that make it a popular season for moving home. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

How to Plan for a Painless House Move

Moving house can be a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to balance work, family, and other responsibilities. However, with proper planning and organization, the process can become much smoother and less stressful. In this blog, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to get organized when moving house in the UK. 1. Create […]

How to pack up your kitchen in 10 Steps

There are no two ways about it, moving house can be a daunting task. Whether you are packing up a one bedroom flat, or a large family home, it’s going to take time to pack everything up. And, there is one room that always seems to take the longest – the kitchen. This is mostly […]

A Moving Companies Guide for Landlords

Whether you are a professional experienced Landlord with a number of properties or just starting out,  you will want to give your tenants the best service. When it comes down to it, you are providing a home for your tenants and any good landlord will see the benefits of this alongside the income they receive. As […]

A moving companies guide to packing a van!

If you are planning a house move and are doing it yourself, then there are many things you need to consider: having a clear out of everything you don’t need, purchasing the packing materials, packing up your belongings, dismantling furniture and hiring and packing the van. When moving day comes around, time is normally of […]
boxes and plants with text

5 tips to help make moving less stressful in 2023!

Are you planning a move in 2023?  We know moving home is often top of the list for the most stressful life event. We totally get it, with the housing market as it has been for the last few years, just getting your offer accepted on a new home, or even on a rental, is […]

A moving companies guide to Self-Storage

During 2020 and 2021, when we had the stamp duty exclusion, the housing market went bonkers. This meant that many people were putting in offers for the same house, which resulted in homeowners selling one property and not being able to find another. During that time we moved a lot of homeowners’ belongings into storage […]
office removals bristol

Moving your business: Tips for a smooth office relocation

We have recently completed a number of office moves and one in particular was for the National Autistic Society. Take a look at the video below to see how we roll: Here’s some tips for relocating your office either in Bristol, Bath or the Southwest. So, you’re moving your office to a new location. As […]

7 Tips for moving house in the Autumn

So, you’re thinking about moving this Autumn? Whether you’re looking to avoid the summer heat or the school holidays, you should keep a few things in mind when deciding. Here are seven easy tips to help make your move as smooth as possible and get into a new home by Christmas: 1: Start early Autumn […]
Packing Books

Packing Books for Moving or Storage

You’re moving or decided that you need to make more room in your home, so you’ve started packing up some of your books. But you’re not sure how to go about it. Do you throw them all in a box? How do you make sure they don’t get damaged during the move? Here are some […]
Summer Moving Tips

Hot Summer Moving Tips

As The Beatles once sang, ‘Here Comes the Sun’. As a second heatwave of 2022 hits the UK we take a look at tips for moving home in the summer. At the time of writing we’re moving into mid 20s on the centigrade scale and it’s going up. If you’re moving house during the scorcher, […]
Moving House

When is the best time to move?

Moving is one of those things that everyone dreads, but at some point, everyone has to go through it. Whether you’re moving for a new job, to be closer to family, or just for a change of scenery, it’s essential to know when the best time is to make your move. So here are a […]
Packing a Van

How to Pack a Van for Moving House

If you have a lot of belongings to move, renting a van can be a good option. It’s often more cost-effective than hiring movers and gives you the freedom to move at your own pace. However, there is an art to efficiently packing your moving van. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can […]
UK Storage Tips

Storage Options for Homeowners in the UK

Storage units are things people rarely think of until they need someplace to put something. You’ve probably driven by storage units on your way to work or while running daily errands. Who can miss the television shows featuring storage units being auctioned off? It’s easy to see why the public has been so captivated by […]
spring cleaning before moving home

11 Spring Cleaning Tips for Moving House

Finally, springtime is on the horizon and we can almost imagine skipping through daffodil strewn meadows. Leaving that thought aside, when was the last time you decluttered your home? Moving homes is a daunting enough task as it is, so save yourself the headache on moving day by only taking the things you need. Follow […]
Moving House Checklist

Checklist for Moving Home

Leaving one home behind and moving into another seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? If you’re getting a headache at the thought of moving your home, you’re not alone! Here at Painless Removals in Bristol, we get daily calls from people whose house moving challenge proved to be more than they anticipated. Luckily, […]
Office Removals Bristol

Tips for a stress-free office relocation

If you are thinking or planning on relocating your office, the question of keeping it stress-free may well resonate. Here are our tips for your business removal action plan. Please take a look at our commercial office removals covering Bristol, Bath and across the UK or contact us for a quote.
Lifting Pain

Tips for Lifting the Heavy Stuff in your Home

Although Painless Removals aim to keep the big move as ‘painless’ as possible with the heavy lifting, sometimes you may find you need to shift things around after the removal team are gone, or indeed, before they arrive. When lifting and carrying large items around, it’s worth knowing these tips to prevent any accidents or […]
Moving Stress Tips

6 Tips to deal with house move stress

It is common to get weighed down by the stresses and strains of a life-changing event when you are moving house. Moving house is not an easy feat, and it can take a considerable amount of personal time and concentration. Check out these tips if you want to stick stress in a packing box and […]

Save money on your house move

When you are moving home, you might think that all you need to commit is plenty of time. And while time and human resources are precious commodities when moving house, it is not all you need. Often, the cost of moving home can be a big surprise – and not in a good way. To […]

Moving home in later life – how can you make the process less problematic?

At any stage of your life, moving home in the UK can seem like a huge undertaking. The emotional toll of leaving one home, and all of its memories, is one thing. The physical and mental toll of making your next purchase, and ensuring you choose the right place, is hard work. However, when you […]
Moving mistakes

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House

When it comes to making the big move, it might seem like just an easy process of moving your stuff from one place to another. However, this can be a complicated process that requires a lot of thinking and planning. Even if one thing goes wrong, it could create a stressful situation. It is easy […]
Moving home with dogs

Moving House with Pet Dogs

If you’ve moved before, you’ll know how stressful it can be even when everything is going well. Moving with a dog, however, is an entirely new level of stress. There’ll be incessant barking preventing you from thinking straight, a small animal running around the house when you need peace and quiet to unpack…it can be […]
moving house with cats

Tips For Moving House With Cats

When it comes to moving house with cats, you can be surprised at how challenging our feline friends can make moving out. Moving home on your own is stressful enough; add in the stress of moving with a pet, and the process becomes even more confusing. However, while you might be stressed out yourself, have […]
Moving with kids

Everything You Need To Know About Moving With A Toddler

Everyone knows moving is a stressful experience. Countless boxes all over the place, the fear of missing something out – we’ve all been there. However, moving with a toddler is a different situation altogether. ­They get their hands in things they shouldn’t be dealing with, they start to cry and stress you out even more, […]
House Packing Tips

Home Packing Tips: How to Pack for Your House Move

Moving houses could be a stressful experience. Sometimes it takes away all the excitement of relocating to a new place. Having to deal with the packing and removals of your belongings is a chore you most definitely are not looking forward to. It requires lots of time and energy and you still have to work […]
Tips for moving home

Tips for moving home

Boxes everywhere, no place to sleep, extremely stressed, and completely exhausted – that’s what moving your home is all about. However, with the right preparation, you can make moving homes painless! Here are some top tips you should take note of to seamlessly re-locate: Label it All Rather than putting everything in a box without […]
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