A moving companies guide to packing a van!

If you are planning a house move and are doing it yourself, then there are many things you need to consider: having a clear out of everything you don’t need, purchasing the packing materials, packing up your belongings, dismantling furniture and hiring and packing the van.

When moving day comes around, time is normally of the essence, especially if you are on a tight schedule, or are hiring it at an hourly rate. Whether you are handling the move yourself or using a company, you want things done right first time.

Packing a van up is a bit like a puzzle – get it wrong and you may find you are left with a piece of furniture you cannot fit in and you may find yourself taking everything out and starting again. Even if you got it all in first time round, remember, things shift around in transit so you want to ensure you have packed everything well enough to avoid any breakages or spilled contents.

What we are trying to say is – don’t just chuck everything in and hope for the best. Packing a van is a bit of an art form and we have had loads of practice.

Here are our top tips on packing a van, so you get it right the first time!

1.   Plan head. Start the process well before your moving day. This means you have time to get rid of any unwanted items. Not only does this mean you have less to pack, but you also have less to go in the van and unpack the other end. Then, make a list of everything you need to pack. This will help you determine the size of the van you need and how to pack it efficiently. If in doubt, get advice from your hire company. You don’t want the van too big or too small!

2.   On moving day, start by packing the heaviest items into the van first, such as appliances and large boxes. Place them at the bottom and around the sides of the van to create a solid foundation and ensure an even distribution of weight.

3.   Then pack the van in layers, starting with the heaviest items on the bottom and working your way up to the lighter items.

4.   Put the furniture in last and make sure it’s secure. Fit chairs together, one upside down on the other to ensure efficient use of space.

5.   Stuff soft, light and durable items such as blankets, cushions, bags of clothes and rugs in between the heavy items to help cushion them and to fill in spaces so there is less likely for movement.

6.   If need be, use extra blankets or moving pads to protect your items from damage during the move.

7.   Use straps or ropes to secure the items in the van and prevent them from shifting during the drive, (some hire companies will include these with the van).

8.   Pack essential items last. This really helps if you have a long drive ahead of you. That way, you have them to hand as soon as you unpack and don’t have to go hunting around for mugs, tea and phone chargers.

9.   It’s tempting to fill the front as well, but don’t forget to leave enough space for you and your passengers to sit and drive comfortably.

10.  Have one last check before setting off. Make sure you have everything from the property and that all the items are packed securely and that the van is not overloaded.

12. Lastly – and this is so important! Ensure you have unloaded everything from the van before returning it to the hire company! Check all areas, including side doors and the dashboard area!

Don’t want to do it yourself?

If you don’t want to do all that or are not comfortable packing and driving a van, then consider hiring a professional moving company such as ourselves. We have the experience and equipment to pack up your house and safely transport your belongings to your new home.

Get in touch to discuss your move and for a quote today.

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