6 Tips to deal with house move stress

It is common to get weighed down by the stresses and strains of a life-changing event when you are moving house. Moving house is not an easy feat, and it can take a considerable amount of personal time and concentration. Check out these tips if you want to stick stress in a packing box and boot it into touch.

Moving Stress Tips

Take in a bit of exercise.

You might think you are about to do enough moving around and heavy lifting, but exercise is excellent for pre-move stress relief. For one, moving house is often stressful due to the amount of money changing hands and the amount of time you spend waiting for confirmation dates and slow solicitors. Most importantly, exercise increases your endorphins, improves your mood and will mentally help you get ready for moving home.

Speak to friends with experience

If this is your first move, then it can be doubly frustrating and worrisome. We recommend that you speak to as many friends as you can, then. They can give you some experience of what it is like to move and can probably give you some good coping tips.

The best people to ask when you need local solutions, too, are people who live in the same area as you. So, if you need some third party help (see below), ask around.

Stop comfort eating

It might feel like a good idea to have some Indian or Chinese food each night before the move, but stress eating is not the way forward. This is a poor solution and often leads to you feeling sluggish and poorly the next day. Leave your next takeaway until you get the official move-in completed. Then, you can celebrate with some food!

Until then, stop comfort eating – a clear head needs a good diet, so focus on your eating habits as you start moving forward.

Try and nap more

A common thing you miss out on when you are moving house is good, proper sleep. However, getting a little nap – even a little 30-50 minute nap in the late afternoon – can recharge your batteries after a long day of dealing with things, making calls, and sorting out the numerous stressors that have popped up.

Keep your energy levels high, and you can find that it is easier to deal with the latest setback overall.

Plan ahead of time

As soon as you know you are likely moving house, start packing stuff away. Handle the non-essentials first, things you know that you are bringing with you but will not need for the foreseeable future. Pack them up, and you can then make sure that you have all of your non-essentials labelled and good to go. This makes it easier to begin moving, removals, and preparing for this significant change in your life.

Bring in an expert removals service.

A great way to kill the stress is to call a Bristol removals expert and get professional services to help the pack. Here at Painless Removals, we can bring in a reliable and professional packing team to get all your books, kitchenware and other items all safely and securely packed into boxes before the actual move. Imagine the stress that relieves! We supply packing materials, so you don’t have to hunt around begging for boxes from supermarkets. Plus, we are fully insured.

Moving house is a hard thing to get right, but it does not have to be impossible. With that in mind, you should focus as much as you can on the above tips. These can make your removals more stress-free, thus allowing you to enjoy the excitement and opportunity of moving home as you had always wanted.

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