5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House

When it comes to making the big move, it might seem like just an easy process of moving your stuff from one place to another. However, this can be a complicated process that requires a lot of thinking and planning. Even if one thing goes wrong, it could create a stressful situation. It is easy to make simple mistakes that can cause a significant impact. Listed below are a couple of these mistakes that you need to avoid making the big move.

Moving mistakes

You Forget To Take Measurements Before Moving

Before moving your furniture into your new place, you must take the measurements beforehand. This includes measuring every door in your new house and all of the furniture you plan to take with you. It will help to take a measuring tape along with you when you visit your new place and make a note of each measurement. Don’t forget to measure the lengths of your furniture as well before installing rods above the windows.

You Forget To Inform Others Of Your New Address

You must inform all relevant people about your change of address a day or two before you move. This includes all relevant companies, the Doctor, service providers, your bank, and other essential individuals who should know your new address. Moreover, do not forget to record the utility meter readings of your previous home before moving to your new one. This is a crucial step as well.

You Hire A Moving Company At The Last Minute

Some unorganised movers end up hiring a removals company just a few days before their move, which doesn’t work out for them. This can cause a lot of stress when left for the last minute. Often, moving companies are pretty much booked and don’t have any extra staff or vehicles available. Therefore, it is vital to get your booking in way ahead of time.

You Leave Certain Tasks Until The Very Last Minute

If you want to pack your house in an organised manner, you need to start planning months before moving. Hence, leaving essential tasks for the last minute is not a wise decision. This includes things like packing, labelling boxes, cleaning up your new place before moving in, and so on.

You Prefer To Do Everything By Yourself

Many people who plan to move houses don’t necessarily get professional help and prefer to do everything themselves. However, this is not always wise as it can just add on more stress and anxiety. Hiring a professional house removal company will offset the majority of that stress. A good removal company, like Painless Removals :) are experts at taking apart specific furniture and re-assembling it all back again in your new home. They have a better idea of handling certain situations, and they can do it in an organised and safe manner.


If you avoid these above mistakes, your moving day will go smoothly as you settle into your new place. Here at Painless Removals, we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services.

Get in touch with us today if you require house removal services in Bristol, the South West and beyond.

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